It's Official: Japan is OPEN!

Table of Contents
- Japan is Reopen to ALL tourists again!
- Japanese of the Week
- My faves
- My New Video

👟Japan Is Reopen To ALL tourists again!

Finally! The day has come! Are you guys ready to come to Japan again???

If you didn't know, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced that Japan would reopen again all tourists again on October 11, 2022! This is so exciting news and I'm sure you who had to wait for so long time are ready to come back right??

Welcome back to Japan!

Japan actually was technically open since earlier this summer but there were many restrictions like you had to come with group tour, you had to apply for special visa, etc.

But the new regulations for entering Japan are basically the same as the travel before covid! If you are coming from the country which has visa agreements with Japan like America, Canada, many European countries, etc. you can get a visa on arrival!

Can't miss my flight to Tokyo!

Also individual tourist are allowed; no more tour guide!! So you can do solo travel or come with your friends and go anywhere you like! Finally you need at least to be vaccinated and have a booster. So 3 shots total. I'm not sure if people with no vaccine can enter, so it might be a restriction or not!

Of course, mask is another issue. In the last newsletter, I talked about how Japanese are still very obedient to wear a mask inside and even outdoors! So many Japanese people are kind of worried if foreign tourist will wear a mask.

Right now the government is thinking to make it a requirement for guest to wear a mask in some places. This mean that hotels, for example, can deny anyone who refuse to put on the mask, which doesn't happen right now. But we have to see if this requirement will pass or not!

While Japan was closed I could visit a lot of cool and fun places, but now it's time for everyone to enjoy it too! Of course it will be interesting to see how we adapt to the tourist coming back!

Finally, this is GREAT time to come to Japan! In Japan we say "Fall has the best food"! We harvest so many good fruits and vegetables so there are many things to enjoy! Sweet potato, chestnut, persimmon, and so many more delicious foods will be available for everyone to enjoy!

Autum in Japan is awesome!!!

I asked you guys in the last email when you think you will come to Japan and many said around 2023! I was very surprised to see it because I thought you would come earlier! But of course the announcement was kind of sudden so everyone need time to save up some cash for the trip.

So finally it's your time to enjoy Japan! I wanna know your plans in Japan! What will you do? Where will you go? What do you wanna EAT! Hit reply and let me know!

-Mrs. Eats

🈴Japanese of the Week

Today's Japanese of the Week is ”Aki No Yonagani Nani wo Suru?” (秋の夜長に何をする?)

秋 Aki=autumn

夜長 Yonaga=a long night,

何をする Naniwo Suru?="What do you do?"

literally means "What do you do in the night of autumn?".  We see this phrase in everywhere like grocery stores, shopping malls and etc... because the sun sets early in autumn so we have more time to enjoy the night!  

Also the weather finally gets nice and cool so you can pick up new exercise or hobbies! I am going to start hiking with Mr Eats in the morning again (We couldn't do it because the mountain we like has sooo many bugs and we got bit so much...)!

Do you have any plans for this autumn?

💖My Favs

😵‍💫Weird - Tinder Convenience Store. Earlier this month the dating app called Tinder opened a pop up conbini in Tokyo! It is called Swipe Mart and if you download Tinder app you could get free stuff like underwear LOL! They also sold some unique food based like special fried chicken, chips, etc.

Everyone looks good in Tinder underwear!

📝Article - Lawson will hire new AVATAR staff. Speaking of conbini! Lawson which is one of the Japan's biggest conbini chain is experimenting with avatar staff! Basically the worker control the avatar on the screen remotely and take care of customer in the convenience store! I'm not sure how much work they can do beside talk to customer... Of course they still need real staff to put goods on the shelf, clean the store, etc.

🎬My New Video - Why Living In Japan Will Make You SKINNY

Finally I'm back with new video!!! This week I really want to talk about why Japanese are so skinny and how living in Japan can make YOU skinny too! Of course not all the reason is a positive one and I talk about how hard it was for me to fit in with Japanese skinny society!

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