Japan is opening SOON! But are WE ready??

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- 🛬Is Japan Ready For Tourists?
- 🈴Japanese of the Week
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We've been really busy trying to edit our videos together! As I mentioned in the last newsletter, our computer was damaged and had to be sent for repairs! Can you believe it cost almost $2000 bucks to fix it??? For that kind of price we could buy plane ticket to Hawaii!! 😭 But we're happy to have our computer back finally and back to editing! Please wait little longer! We will have new videos soon!

How our computer broke

🛬Is Japan Ready For Tourists?

Did you know Mr. Eats used to have a Youtube channel? It was called Straight Up Eats and it was a cooking channel! Actually, that's where our names come from: Mr. & Mrs. Eats!

But it wasn't always a cooking channel! At the end of 2019, Mr. Eats planned it to be travel and food channel!

Yes my hair was that short!

Yes that's me with SHORT HAIR haha!! At that time I reaaaally liked having short hair! What do you think? Do I look better with short hair or long hair?

Anyway, we wanted to travel across Japan and eat some delicious food! We especially thought it would be useful for tourists who would come in 2020 for the Olympics!

Of course, we all know what eventually happened...

Me at the beginning of 2020

Japan has changed a lot since the pandemic! Many people in the countryside didn't want people from Tokyo or other big cities to visit because they were worried about getting sick!

Also, many social rules changed too. For example, trains are even more quiet than before because we are always reminded not to talk on the train to keep the spread of infection down.

Recently, the Japanese governments has raised the cap on the number of international visitors allowed in a day. Of course, individual tourists still aren't allowed in, but some say that they might be allowed in by October!

But I have to wonder. Is Japan really ready for international tourist again? I know in some other countries you guys don't have to wear mask anymore right??

But in Japan, we still wear them so it's very important to follow the rule for the sake of others. Even if many Japanese people aren't so afriad of Covid like before, we are still encouraged to wear them for the sake and comfort of others.

I even heard announcment on the train says, "Please wear a mask to make other riders around you feel more comfortable"! This is very different from before when they used to say "Please wear a mask to stop the spread of infection"!

Of course there gonna be some visitors who don't wear mask so are local Japanese ready to accept it? Of course we probably won't see Japanese people do public freak out if a traveler isn't wearing mask, but I can imagine locals complaining about it with each other!

So when Japan opens for all tourists, how soon will you come to Japan? Hit reply and let me know!

-Mrs. Eats

🈴Japanese of the Week

Today's Japanese of the Week is Mokusyoku(黙食 - もくしょく).

moku=be quiet

syoku= to eat

Japan is very strict  and careful about spreading covid. Most of Japanese still wear a mask everywhere. There is even this poster in any restaurants in Japan. It encourages customers to do  Mokusyoku (PLEASE eat quietly). This is to stop people from spreading droplet around to other customers.

Of course if you are eating at a restaurant with lot of space people are more casual to chat without mask. But Japan has many tiny restaurant where you are sitting very close to a stranger. So these kind of place often ask customer to do Mokusyoku!

When mokusyoku started to become more popular, some restaurant tried to make a new invention to make it easier to eat and talk! Saizeirya, one of the biggest Italian chain restaurant invented this special shield Syabereru-Kun ("You can talk"-kun!)

It is a life savor! You can make it in 10 second and enjoy talking while eating! The paper block the droplet as you eat and talk and you can eat and drink easily too! They even show you how to make glove type you can use when you don't want to wear Syabereru-Kun!


Here is the official video to show how effective it is!

💖My Favs

My Favs is where I share some of the things that I've really been enjoying lately! It can be an article, video, music, food, or something that I bought recently!

😍Wow - Ghibli Theme Park first official photos! This look amazing! If you're a Ghibli fan then you definitely have to visit it! If you didn't know, Ghibli Park is a new theme park for Ghibli that is opening in November. It is much bigger than the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo and will have many themed areas based on the different movies! I can't wait to visit it!

😵‍Weird - The Buttcracker. This is Cherry Yoshitake who is Japanese comedian. He also has something special about himself: He hold 26 Guiness World Record! One of them is this amazing talent: He can open 78 walnut in 30 seconds using his very strong IRON ASS!

Yes his butt is very strong, but it is unknown whether it can stand the piercing attack of KANCHO!

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