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- ☕️ Some Coffee To Get You Running
- 🈴Japanese of the Week
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☕️ Some Coffee To Get You Running

What's your favorite drink to start your day? Mine used to be coffee!

Yes, used to be...

I used to be addicted to coffee! I always looked forward to waking up so I can have my hot coffee with milk! It felt like the best way to start the day and I felt ready for any challenge! For me, it was the perfect drink!


Every time I had coffee, I really had to RUSH to the toilet...! (Does anyone have the same situation after having coffee??)

That's when I was about to leave home

If I can enjoy coffee at home and don't have to go out, then it's no problem. BUTT, it's a predicament when I have to take a train to work!

One time when I was on the rapid train that doesn't stop for about 15 minutes, I had a really bad rush! I started sweating like crazy and my stomach was making weird noises... I really felt like whatever I ate for dinner was right there to say "Hi! Can I come out now?"

So I held it to my limit and when finally the train doors opened, I ran up the stairs (OMG it was so crazy that I had to run!) to find the toilet. When I found one, I rushed in there but ALL the toilets were occupied! I felt like doing this!

"OK, calm down, it's OK. We are already here. Just a couple of minutes we have to wait. We can do it..." My brain thought I could use the toilet as soon as I got into the bathroom, so it was telling my body, "All right guys! It's time to get out!" My brain was trying to trick my body into releasing it all!

I had to fight very hard to convince my body to wait. It almost felt like a losing battle! Finally, a lady came out of the toilet and I ran into it! It was definitely one of the closest calls that I've had!

But I really loved coffee and I didn't want to give it up. But sometimes, you just have to give up something that doesn't work for you. I realized that my focus and motivation was not so clear after giving up coffee, so I knew I needed SOMETHING to help me!

That's when I decided to switch to matcha green tea! I grew up drinking it, but stopped after I became an adult. Mr. Eats told me matcha is very healthy because it has some natural chemical that can lower the anxious feeling from caffeine. So after drinking it, I feel much calmer, but still energized!

After switching to matcha in the morning, I don't have to rush to toilet and I don't have those wired heart pounding feeling I used to get when I had coffee. Of course I still enjoy coffee every now and then, but I only drink it when I don't have to get on the train!

What was something that you really enjoyed but decided to give it up to improve your quality of life? Hit reply and let me know!

-Mrs. Eats

🈴Japanese of the Week

Today's Japanese of the Week is onaka ga itai (お腹が痛い - おなかがいたい). This is very useful Japanese phrase when you have a stomachache!



itai=in pain

I hope you won't have to use this phrase, especially on a crowded train! But don't worry, many Japanese people will understand when you have a bad case of diarrhea!

💖My Favs

🎥Video - How poo leaks out... Speaking of coffee rush! This is one of my favorite animation on Youtube! It shows how the body react whenever you are having an emergency on the train like me! Of course, my body is very strong so it will never be tricked like that!

🌅Picture - Outgrown or unwanted? This really remind me of the time my house was a gomiyashiki or garbage house! You might be surprised to hear that we have a growing number of garbage houses in Japan, since most people have the image of clean Japan! I talk all about these gomiyashiki and my own experience living in one in this video:

😵‍Weird - One-Piece-themed fitness gym is opening in Tokyo! I don't watch One Piece, so I don't know much about it, but it's called BragMen. The interior of the gym kind of look like pirate ship's insides! Also they say that the trainers and instructors uniform will look like pirates uniform! Who wanted this kind of gym?? Would you work out here?

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