Do YOU want to waste your life on touching a girl!?

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👟The Groping Problem in Japan

When I use a public transportation, one of the things I look for is weird posters! There are many kinds of interesting ones! For example, this one is to enlighten people not to do groping on the train.

Let me translate what the 3 boys are saying.

Boy A: Shame on you… You cause trouble to others. Do YOU want to waste your life on touching a girl?

Boy B: Unbelievable. I’m disappointed in you as a man.

Boy C: I want to see your parent's face… (In Japan, to want to see somebody’s parents face means to criticize the person.) Your dirty pig action is nothing but groping.

Yes, groping on the train is a very serious problem in Japan. In 2018, the number of groping was 2,777. And the number of times it happened on the train was 266. We even have a “Women-Only Car”. Luckily, I have never been groped but when my friend was groped on the train, she waited (!) until the train doors opened and when it’s open she pushed the guy out really hard and he fell down and she said,“ Stupid asshole!”

There may be even more groping cases because some women don’t want to report it, even though they were scared. Or some may think the groping was an accident because the trains really are crowded. But I’d say a lot of times they were too scared to scream when they were touched. I think my friend’s case is a rare one.

Women-only train car

Many women feel shame to cry out if they're being touched on the train. Some of them feel too scared. Actually, in many cases, when a groper was arrested and questioned, most of them said they targeted women who seemed quiet or might be too scared to fight back.

Because of this, you can sometimes find posters like this! It says, "You have to scream so people around you will help you!"

Girl: Groping!

Commander: What happened!!

Passengers woman: What? Groping?!

Passengers man: Crime!

Some women are so afraid to speak out against groping that a company called Vitalica made a special alarm app. It’s available on the messaging service app LINE.

The Groping Alarm App:

So if you are being groped, you simply open the LINE app and send any word or stamp. Then the app asks you where you are so you can just click the GPS link so the app will let people who has the app know where the grouping is happening!

You can “Silently” tell the precise location to people on the train! And on the company’s website they say, “ If you get the message that someone is been grouped, please look around. Or if you are with your friends, talk about it out loud about it to scared the criminal.”

But in many western countries, women are much stronger! When I studied in New Zealand, my roommates taught me how to scream at a man if he tries to touch me! "GET AWAY FROM ME!" "DON'T F***** TOUCH ME!!" When I tried saying these things for the first time, they said, "You have to say it LOUDER!!" So I practice it with them until I could say it with power!!

I hope one day we will be rid of all the hentai guys who try to target women! But I'm glad that more and more people are speaking out and trying to help others when they see it!

-Mrs. Eats

🈴Japanese of the Week

This week's Japanese phrase is 女性専用車両(jyosei senyo syaryo).

Jyosei means women

Senyo means only for A

Syaryo means a car on the train

We have had this special car only for women on the train since 2001. I usually used this car, but now I’m with Mr. Eats. When you enter the car, it’s usually not too crowded compare to regular cars. I sometimes see a man accidentally got on the women only car and rushed out side to switch the car!

A man rushing out of the Women only car

💖My Favs

📝Article - Japan's Mascot parliament is the politics I can enjoy! Let me share this the happiest parliament in Japan! Parliament is full of angry people in everywhere in the world, right? But this one, just melt my heart! This is the Japanese-Mascot-Character-Parliament held in Shiga prefecture to talk about how mascot characters have and can contribute for Japanese society! I’d love to watch the parliament every day!

🍔Munchies - McDonald's Japan's Rice burgers look so good!

These new rice burgers look so good! First of all they use Koshi hikari rice from Nigata prefecture! Koshihikari is very high quality and delicious rice so I'm so surprise McDonalds use such a nice rice! The left side burger is Chicken with garlic sauce. The middle is beef patty with kalbi Korean seasoned beef slice. The right side is classic Teriyaki burger!! Would you try any of these?

🎬 My New Video
Thank you for reading this edition of Weekly Weeb! I really enjoy writing them so thank you so much for reading!!